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‘Under Gods’ investigates the growth of urban multi-faith communities and the complex issues involved such as immigration, secularism and religious revival.

Along the two mile stretch of Soho Road in Birmingham UK, religion has become the defining factor rather than culture or race. Here over thirty diverse buildings act as centers for many different religious denominations and serve ethnic groups, who have come from all over the world.

As the daughter of two Anglican priests brought up in Birmingham, I lived with and documented diverse religious communities, including Rastafarians, the Jesus Army, Sikhs, Hari Krishnas and Thai Buddhists, all living on the one road. I aimed to show the reality and intensity of different lifestyles in urban areas of Britain and the beauty Religion brings to inner city life.

Soho Hill
The Birmingham Faiths Forum dinner
Bedtime bible reading
Mrs Little's home communion

‘There is a house mosque, three Vietnamese Catholic nuns and a happy clappy Black church, you will have fun on that road’ — English Buddhist convert

Building the Gurdwara
Sikh wedding, Soho Road Gurdwara
Polish Catholic carol singers

‘I bless my fridge; I put my hand on everything and bless it’ — Sikh housewife, Soho Road Gudwara

Soho Sweet Centre
Minba chair, Pakistani mosque
Cannon Street Baptist’s baptism
Vietnamese Buddhist Temple
Mrs. Adina Clarke’s church hats
Sikh yoga
Reverend Greg visiting the twins
A. Jain’s personal prayer room
Sri Lankan Buddhist monks dormitory
The visitor from India
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Indian Buddhist Temple
The Jesus Army community house dining room
My first prayer mat

‘I left my children and broke all connection, the relationships we have with our families are not real, only our relationship with God is eternal’ — N Maharaja, Hari Krishna house temple

Daughter of an Irish Catholic and Bengali Muslim
Meeting at the Rastafarian headquarters
The Premier League
Painted prayer, Catholic convent
Disabled Hare Krishna devotee chanting
Hare Krishna temple flowers
The Monstrance, Monsignor Fallon’s Kitchen
'Preacher’, Thai Buddhist temple founder
Temple maintenance by Thai monks

‘I have a best friend named Hassan, but I have a problem there is a bully and he keeps saying Christians cant play with Muslims or Hindus……If everyone could be friends about their religions the world would be better than this’ — Six-year-old, Jesus Army community

St. Francis Catholic primary school
Sanskrit tattoos
Dressing for mosque
King James audio bible

Embassy of the Lord Jesus Christ is God, University, Bible College, School, Institute Kingdom of Heaven, government of the almighty God promoting the website endtime.com…….God gave me this title’ — 104-105 Soho Road

Muslim teenager’s one in five prayers
Palm Sunday crosses
Jain and Catholic neighbours
Polish Catholic chef
Hare Krishna book distribution outside a parish church

‘God must be very pleased with Soho Road because people are getting on with life and businesses are thriving, God can only smile at you more if you happen to live on Soho’ — Lord Mayor of Birmingham Chauhdry Abdul Rashid JP 2008-09